Shukshina published a post about the mobilization of artists: Airborne battalions can be equipped

Maria Shukshina approved the idea to send to a special operation in Ukraine those who “grimaces” on Russian television. The published article is called “To whom mobilis, and to whom comedy club”.

The actress posted in her microblog the publication of the author Dmitry Kazakov.

“On Saturday evening, let me, I think, I’ll turn on the TV. Not that I expected to find Medvedev Jr. or Baskov trying on footcloths there as a sister of mercy, but I thought I would see some echo of what was happening,” the text of the article reads.

The author of the material is surprised that KVN is on Channel One, and Konstantin Ernst sits on the jury of a humorous competition. He also drew attention to the program “Avatar”, where the jury was not Philip Kirkorovbut was only Sergey Lazarev.

“On the stage, some kind of virtual double of Old Man Hottabych is grimacing. For a fraction of the funds spent on the production, you can equip several airborne battalions,” writes Kazakov.

Even a football match made the author of the publication think about partial mobilization.

“The Russian national team looks quite combat-ready against the background of Kyrgyzstan. The dream of a military commissar,” Kazakov shares his thoughts, with the publication of which actress Maria Shukshina agreed.

Previously Ivan Okhlobystin said that in the case of mobilization of artists Mikhail Porechenkov will go first.

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