Shukshina on the mobilization of fathers with many children: “I consider it blasphemy”

Maria Shukshina criticized the practice of mobilizing men with three children.

The actress posted a subscriber’s letter on her microblog, which expresses bewilderment why a man with four children is recognized as a father of many children in the event of a call. According to the law, a parent with three minor children is considered to have many children.

Shukshina supported the author of the letter.

“I join the call and demand to immediately stop this bacchanalia and complete lawlessness. I propose to turn on your head and turn to common sense. The family, which has 3 children, has already, at least, fulfilled its civic duty to the state, which, in turn, has done its duty in front of such a large family does not fulfill the word at all, “the Honored Artist of Russia expressed her opinion.

Shukshina noted that she knows what she is talking about, since she herself has four children.

“And to take away the head of a large family with a multi-million army of servants of the people, who, not in words, but in deeds, can serve, I think, as blasphemy,” the actress wrote.

Shukshina reproached the commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation for children’s rights Maria Lvova-Belova, which, according to the actress, takes no action in this matter.

Previously Margarita Simonyan told how in the Russian military registration and enlistment offices do not comply selection criteria for partial mobilization.

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