Shukshina is afraid that the “New Year’s” money will not reach the front: They would not steal

Maria Shukshina spoke about the initiative to save on the New Year holidays in order to help the mobilized. The actress demands a report on the money spent, as she does not believe in the honesty of officials.

The Honored Artist of Russia collected in her microblog disturbing comments from social network users about the cancellation of New Year’s celebrations in favor of the mobilized.

“Yes, they wouldn’t steal all sorts of crumbs into their pockets. Otherwise, heroes will exalt themselves now, and the crumbs will reach the front,” the actress published the opinion of an Internet user.

The owner of the medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” of the first degree supported the initiative to make the budget of cities as open as possible, so that people, based on reports, could make sure that the funds were spent as intended.

“That’s right. And whoever wants Christmas trees and fireworks, let him collect through public funds, let’s see how many lovers there are. Otherwise, there is an obvious distortion – partying from the budgets, and people themselves collect their own soldiers,” Shukshina posted the indignation of the Russians.

Formerly writer Zakhar Prilepin characterized equipment of mobilized words: “Hug and cry or wet and burn.”

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