Shukshina explained why it is important to tell the truth about SVO

Maria Shukshina posted a post on her microblog proving why it is important to objectively assess the situation related to the special operation in Ukraine.

The post, which was reposted by the Honored Artist of Russia, expresses disagreement with the statement of the “guardians” that criticism pleases the enemy.

“The enemy is happy when society is sure that (almost verbatim propaganda theses): Hymers are scrap metal, our machine guns will cut Cheetahs like potatoes, transgenders command the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zelensky the clown escaped from Kyiv, the Donald Cook aircraft carrier was blinded by Russian electronic warfare, and so on” analogous “”, – reads the text of the publication.

The post proves that in this state of affairs, people run the risk of suddenly facing a harsh reality.

“And then bam – and the Kharkiv region is no longer” forever with Russia “,” the publication says.

Formerly Maria Shukshina approved the idea send artists to a special operation in Ukraine.

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