Shukshin was outraged by the dances under Serduchka and Rotaru in the center of Moscow

Maria Shukshina believes that about the songs playing in Russia Verka Serduchka and Sofia Rotaru applications should be submitted to the Federal Security Service.

The actress published letters from her subscribers, which talk about “disgusting” cases. Followers complained that ships were cruising along the Moscow River in the center of the capital, from the decks of which entertaining pop music was playing.

“People are dancing. And everything is fine, but dancing to Serdyuchka and Chervona Ruta looks like a mockery,” Internet users complain.

The second letter also contains a complaint about the broadcast of the songs Andrey Danilko and Sofia Rotaru.

“During the period of hostilities with Ukraine, dancing to Serduchka and Rotaru looks out of place and incorrect,” fans of Maria Shukshina share their opinion.

Shukshina could not get past these complaints. Such stories seemed to her a serious cause for alarm.

“I consider this case outstanding, I can’t pass by, because, as we know, the war of cultural codes is in full swing, and all these things are not harmless. Thank you subscribers for sounding the alarm. In wartime, I suggest contacting the Federal Security Service, whose effective work we are now observing,” the Honored Artist of Russia replied to a subscriber.

Earlier Shukshina complained Mikhail Mishustin that Russian TV channels work according to the Ukrainian order.

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