Should we expect an increase in the OSAGO tariff, explained in the PCA

Head of RSA Igor Yurgens explained why it is necessary to continue the initiated course for the liberalization of OSAGO tariffs.

Igor Yurgens spoke about the benefits of expanding the tariff corridor in OSAGO, which allows you to stop the rise in prices for compulsory motorist civil liability insurance.

“We now see a number of categories, the unprofitability for which significantly exceeds the price they pay for insurance, the first among them are taxis. We are also conducting an in-depth analysis of the situation with OSAGO in the regions – where the authorities are actively fighting fraud, the tariff is reduced, the average price is falling. In those regions where fraud is growing, the situation is reversed, “ quotes the words of the president of the PCA.

Yurgens said that residents of some subjects of the federation have to pay extra for others, which, in his opinion, is fundamentally wrong.

The National Center for Traffic Safety previously spoke against tariff changes OSAGO.

The head of the PCA drew attention to the increase in prices for auto parts, which amounted to 28.7%. He suggested that this would affect the size of the tariff. Auto belay sizeaccording to Yurgens, will increase disproportionately to the increase in prices for components for cars.

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