“Should I dress up like a grandmother?”: The valley in short shorts rebuffed the haters

Larisa Dolina.

Larisa Dolina.

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

After Larisa Dolina lost 21 kilograms, she can afford any outfits – even the shortest and very tight-fitting ones. The artist knows very well that many scold her for this – they say, it’s not worth dressing like that at 67 years old. But she is not going to give up mini-skirts and cleavage. The singer often posts pictures in social networks in short dresses and mini-shorts. After the last such frame, subscribers began to criticize the performer in the comments.

“The shorts are definitely short. Not by age already! – they wrote to the artist under the last publication. In the photo, she poses in a jacket with transparent sleeves, shorts and black tights.

This photo angered Dolina's subscribers: the singer was criticized for short shorts.  Photo: social networks.

This photo angered Dolina’s subscribers: the singer was criticized for short shorts. Photo: social networks.

The star ignored the haters for a long time, but in the end her patience snapped. The valley responded harshly to its critics.

“Do you think I should dress up like a grandmother? But I’m sorry, I don’t look like her!” – said Larisa Alexandrovna.

In response, the followers advised the artist to listen to their opinion, and not attack them. This angered the artist even more.

“You won’t believe it, but everything in my reflection suits me!” – the singer emphasized.

Over the past four years, the Valley has lost so much weight that she changed the 52nd clothing size to the 44th. For decades, the artist has been on her famous kefir diet. But it was obvious that she was not working: the singer kept gaining weight. As a result, Larisa decided to resort to drastic measures and turned to a professional nutritionist. She came to the clinic for the correction of metabolism and passed the tests. After that, the doctor made a list of foods for her that she can and cannot eat. Now the singer practices intermittent fasting.

– 19 hours a day I do not eat. And in the remaining hours, of course, I limit myself. I have a red list of foods that I can’t. And there is green, which you can. That’s the whole secret, – told the Valley “KP”.

The singer has lost weight and now wears whatever she wants.

The singer has lost weight and now wears whatever she wants.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

So, the nutritionist forbade her to eat fruits and almost all vegetables, even carrots and broccoli. The expert also categorically forbade her to eat eggs, caviar, cakes, waffles, bread, onions, dairy and sour-milk products. The list of permitted foods includes all types of meat, except for beef and veal, as well as any poultry and fish, tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers and beets. At the same time, the singer now eats twice a day, the last meal at 15 o’clock.

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