Shooting on the border of Serbia and Kosovo: video, latest news on the situation on the border July 31, 2022

Police blocking the bridge between Northern (Serbian) and Southern Kosovo

Police blocking the bridge between Northern (Serbian) and Southern Kosovo

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The situation on the border between Serbia and Kosovo all Sunday 31 July remains busy. Late in the evening, messages appeared on social networks referring to residents of the border areas about single shots. According to unconfirmed reports, a citizen of Serbia received a gunshot wound in the area of ​​the border crossing Yarinje.

Now the checkpoints Yarinje and Brnjak are closed. Serbian police turns all vehicles heading towards Kosovo. In turn, from the opposite side, Kosovo special forces will be pulled to the border crossing.

The Rudnitsa border crossing operates intermittently, but there the Kosovo customs officers have begun to implement the promised restrictions and only let cars with Kosovo license plates through.

In the city of Kosovska Mitrovica, which is located in the north of Kosovo and is divided by the Ibar River into Albanian and Serbian parts, sirens sounded in the evening. The bridge connecting the northern and southern halves of the city is blocked by cars. And from the southern Albanian side, about 200 armed activists were seen. Air raid sirens also work in other settlements in the northern part of Kosovo, churches and monasteries have been added to this, which have been constantly ringing the bells for half an hour. Locals remember that the last time this happened was in 1999.

In the near future, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic plans to address the nation with an emergency statement in connection with the aggravation of the situation in Kosovo. The head of state also warned that the police of the unrecognized republic could start a military operation against the Serbs at midnight.

Previously Vucic urged the parties change your mind.

“I ask the Albanians to come to their senses, and the Serbs not to succumb to provocations, I ask the representatives of large countries that have recognized Kosovo not to allow their wards to provoke a conflict,” the president said.

The Ministry of Defense of Serbia, in turn denied the information allegedly that the Serbian military crossed the administrative border and are on the territory of Kosovo.

– Due to the large amount of disinformation that the Pristina administration deliberately puts on the air and that is spread through fake accounts on social networks and on some websites, it is alleged that there were some conflicts allegedly between the Serbian army and the so-called “Kosovo police”, Ministry defense reports that the Serbian army did not cross the administrative line and in no way entered the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, the ministry said in a statement.


Recall that from August 1, at the request of the authorities of Kosovo, documents issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia will cease to be valid in the unrecognized republic, and new rules for entering cars with Serbian numbers will begin to work.

In recent months, the situation between Serbia and Kosovo has remained tense. Pristina is actively deploying special forces from the south to the northern parts of the republic, bordering Serbia. Against this background, the armed forces and the police began joint anti-terrorist exercises.


Serbs received gunshot wounds at the Jarinje checkpoint

Albanians and Serbs gather in groups in their parts of Kosovska Mitrovica (more)

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