Shooting in a self-service store in Puebla left several dead

The shooting occurred on the morning of November 1 (Photo: @anafvega)
The shooting occurred on the morning of November 1 (Photo: @anafvega)

inhabitants of the state of Puebla witnessed terror having to take cover between their cars or inside a department store after register a shooting on Tuesday morning November 1stthe Approximate death toll is two.

The parking lot of a Costco on the Atlixcayot Territorial Reservel, was the crime scene where two people died Y a third was injuredUntil now the assailants have not been identified.

Due to the incident, a great mobilization by emergency and security teamswho upon arriving at the place managed to locate one of the dead victimshis body was lying next to his truck.

The witnesses of the place announced that the alleged aggressors would have escaped of the scene aboard a black jeep pickup, while another of the wounded died at the scene. The corresponding authorities confirmed the death of the second at the time of being treated in a hospital from the capital of Puebla.

* Information in development

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