Shooting in a parking lot in Mítikah square culminated in the arrest of an alleged assailant

Social Media Reports reported firearm detonations in the parking lot of the Mitikah Square located in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office of Mexico City, during the afternoon of Monday, November 21.

Through the recordings that circulated on Twitter, it was possible to see security elements running towards a point, in addition, at least one detonation was heard while several people on foot witnessed the events.

After the events occurred, the head of the CDMX Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC), Omar Garcia Harfuch, confirmed through his Twitter account the detention of a person who assaulted a passerby and pointed out that elements of the SSC shot and wounded the person who was already arrested.

In one of the videos, a person recorded from the front of his car and while the uniformed men rushed around, a shot was heard. Through a SSC statementpublished minutes after 6:00 p.m., the agency reported that secured a replica pistol, a motorcycle, a phone, and cashfurther indicated that:

“Upon reaching him, a preventive review was carried out, after which they secured a replica of a firearm, cash and telephone equipment. It should be noted that the place was presented a young woman, 25 years oldwho indicated that said subject in the company of another personmoments before, They threatened her and stripped her of her belongings.”.

For its part, the Shopping Center pointed out that Property security elements did not participate in the incident and reiterated their commitment to their visitors and the authorities.

According to the position of the Shopping Center, security members of the property did not act in the events (Photo: special)
According to the position of the Shopping Center, security members of the property did not act in the events (Photo: special)

“At no time was there any intervention by the security of the Shopping Center, nor were our visitors put at risk. The activities of the shopping center continue as normal”, they indicated.

Also, through social networks, the journalist Antonio Nieto published a Photography of the alleged criminalalso also reported that the individual used a replica pistol to steal a cell phone, however policemen of the mayor’s office Benito Juárez they arrested him.

The alleged criminal was detained by police from the Benito Juárez mayor's office (Photo: screenshot/Twitter/@siete_letras)
The alleged criminal was detained by police from the Benito Juárez mayor’s office (Photo: screenshot/Twitter/@siete_letras)

They reported that the person would have committed an assault in the Taxqueña area along with a companion, it was also reported that the alleged criminals were traveling on a motorcycle with which they arrived at the parking lot of the Mítikah Shopping Center to try to hide.

The wounded man was taken to hospital as a detainee after he was treated by Red Cross paramedics. The alleged accomplice of the insured man would have escaped. Images that circulated on social networks showed the fake weapon with which the detainee would have carried out the robbery, in addition to a cell phone and cash.

In the same way, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, head of Government of CDMX, made a publication on social networks in which she indicated: “Always at all times, We work for a Safe City”.

It should be remembered that barely a month ago, on October 21, Visitors to the Mítikah shopping center denounced the apparent failure of an elevator, which descended 14 stories without stopping. On that occasion, through social networks, a woman reported that the elevator went down at full speed from the 14th floor to E6.

When the woman was able to get out of the elevator, the managers of the place commented that the failures in the facilities happened on a recurring basis. He also pointed out that, in addition to her, there were two women in wheelchairs, three people and a baby.

The mall is part of the great complex that was built by Grupo Fibra Unohowever, it was not well received by the residents of the town of Xoco, who carried out a protest during its inauguration.


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