Shoigu: we will not call on women as part of partial mobilization

“Not. This was not in the plans for the future. We are not going to call on women as part of partial mobilization,” Sergei Shoigu said to the first question from journalists when he arrived with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobolin and Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov in Patriot Park near Kubinka near Moscow.

The minister personally inspected the places of accommodation for citizens called up from the reserve and volunteers, equipped on the basis of the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center and the Avangard educational and methodological center for military-patriotic education of youth.

– Students of commercial universities accredited by the state are not involved in mobilization either. They will not be called up for mobilization. On behalf of the President, today we are completing the preparation of additions to the decree and today it will be introduced, – Shoigu told reporters.

The head of the military department also explained that the shift in the start of the autumn draft to November 1 will not affect the terms of the dismissal of retired servicemen: “The shift is only due to the fact that today the workload of the military registration and enlistment offices is quite high. Therefore, we would not like to have various kinds of overlays. That is why the call itself has been moved to November 1st. As for demobilization, there are no shifts here. Demobilization will go according to plan,” added the head of the Russian military department.

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