Shoigu: “Everything a fighter needs should be modern, convenient and reliable

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

A photo: REUTERS

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu began the first conference call this year by thanking all servicemen.

“Both the participants in the special military operation, and those who were at the combat post on holidays, who served as part of duty shifts and daily orders, performed tasks in military hospitals, participated in the restoration of infrastructure in the liberated territories,” the head of the military departments.

Shoigu reminded his subordinates that, taking into account the experience of the Northern Military District, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief had set a number of priority tasks.

“The main one is to take comprehensive measures for the qualitative renewal of the Armed Forces and increase their combat capabilities. Constantly analyze and systematize the experience of our groupings in Ukraine and Syria, and draw up training programs for personnel and plans for the supply of military equipment on its basis. The practice gained by our troops should become the basis for improving combat training,” the minister stressed.

The speaker noted that this year the Ministry of Defense will continue to actively develop: the nuclear triad, the combat capabilities of the Aerospace Forces, drones, an arsenal of modern strike weapons, equipment and tactical equipment of personnel “to the highest level.”

“Everything that a fighter needs should be modern, convenient and reliable,” Shoigu drew attention.

Modernization with the help of artificial intelligence technologies will be subjected to the control and communications system and the work of military commissariats.

“It is necessary to digitize databases, establish interaction with local and regional authorities, as well as industry, and update the system for organizing civil and territorial defense. We will also improve the mechanisms for responding to civil initiatives, some of which, of course, deserve great attention,” the minister instructed.

After the speech, the officers discussed plans for 2023 to build up the combat capabilities of the army, which ensures the deterrence of aggression against Russia and our allies.


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