Shocked Yulia Vysotskaya lost her temper after the announcement of her death: “They killed and decided to bury in Paris!”

Julia Vysotskaya

Julia Vysotskaya

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Julia Vysotskaya is one of the few actresses who does not share the details of her personal life with the public. His many years of marriage with Andrei Konchalovsky the actress tremblingly protects from strangers. The artist, even in rare interviews, categorically refuses to talk about her family. But the other day, Julia, shocked by meanness, decided to speak out.

Julia Vysotskaya tries not to pay attention to the rumors around him and his family. However, recently the actress became aware that envious people gossip about her death.

One can only guess at the level of indignation of the wife Andrei Konchalovsky. The shocked actress gave a blow to evil tongues.

Delightfully nasty people! Killed and decided to bury in Paris! Why not in Venice? Or somewhere else? I wasn’t going to react in any way … I absolutely don’t care what they write or think about me, I have something to do, ”Julia burst into an angry rebuke.

According to her, from such news it became ill not only for her, but also for her relatives. “Such messages hurt them. Thanks to everyone who sincerely worried. Everything is fine with us. I wish you all good health,” she shared 49 year old actress in the blog.

She posted a selfie with her director husband. The couple were in a car.

Recall Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky are considered one of the brightest couples in the cinema community. The age difference of almost 40 years does not bother the spouses. They have been happy together for many years. The actress became not only a muse for the director, but also a true friend. “You gave me that best part of my life, when it becomes clear what you live for, what children will be born for, what it snows for,” the master said about his young wife.

The actress really gave the director her best years. She gave birth to a son, Petya, and a daughter, Masha, to Andrey Sergeevich.

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