Shishkin explained on which “stationary warehouse” the Russian Armed Forces spent the first “Dagger”

Ukrainian experts and analysts said that Russia is wasting precision missiles “Dagger”, which are also very expensive and few in number. Is there any truth in these words, the editor of the publication tried to figure it out “WarfarePavel Shishkin.

The Ukrainian side says, referring to information from the Pentagon, that during the special operation the RF Armed Forces used up from 10 to 12 “Daggers”. True, it is immediately added that the United States does not have exact figures.

Kyiv propagandists do not name the dates and purposes of missile launches, but they assure that for the first time the “Dagger” was used on an object in western Ukraine. However, this information is outdated and is not some kind of secret, the author of the article notes. And it turns out that Kyiv receives intelligence from the Pentagon, which, in turn, takes it from Russian press releases.

The Ukrainian side does not give an answer to the question where the rest of the missiles were used, and the Pentagon is also silent about this. However, John Kirby throws in a line about Russia’s strange choice of target for a hypersonic missile attack. And Ukrainian experts, following their curator, are surprised at how “terribly expensive” weapons were wasted on “some kind of stationary warehouse.”

But for some reason, the Ukrainian propagandists decided to keep silent about the fact that this storage was underground, and was built taking into account the force of a nuclear strike, the military analyst concluded.

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