Ships of the Russian Federation and China appeared in the Bering Sea, said in the United States

Representatives of the US Coast Guard recorded the concentration warships Russia and China in the Bering Sea. This is reported Associated Press.

According to the agency, the PRC missile cruiser passed about 138 kilometers north of Kiska Island, located in Alaska. The material says that Washington also found two more Chinese and four Russian ships, including one destroyer.

As the US Coast Guard explained, the ships of the Russian Federation and China complied with all international standards, but the States will continue to monitor the actions of these countries near Alaska.

“Washington is watching to ensure that US interests are not violated,” said the American admiral Nathan Moore.

Formerly Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev said that Russia and China want to return fair world orderHowever, the West does not support these plans.

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