Sheinbaum assured that the capture of Christian Von Roehrich is not political persecution: “It is corruption”

(Photo: special)
(Photo: special)

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, assured this Friday that the arrest of the former mayor of Benito Juárez, PAN member Christian Von Roehrich, is not a matter of political persecution, nor of an electoral nature, but of combat against corruption.

At a press conference outside the Infonavit building, the aspiring presidential candidate pointed out that the work carried out by the capital’s Attorney General’s Office (FGJ-CDMX) stems from the investigation carried out for several months for alleged crimes of illegal use of faculties and attributions, in addition to criminal association.

And it is that Sheinbaum affirmed that there is an embezzlement of the treasury for 250 million pesos due to movable irregularities, such as the illegal construction of 264 floors, as well as fraud that occurred during the reconstruction process after the 2017 earthquakes.

“It is not a personal issue or that it has to do with the electoral, it is corruption […] But it is a very deep investigation and more things will come out ”

“We are facing a sewer of corruption that is associated with illegal apartments, which is associated with contracts with shell companies, that has absolutely nothing to do with a political matter,” he added.

More information in development…

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