She didn’t force herself on anyone, yet everyone loved her. Olga Havlová was a woman in trouble Series

Intrepid, sincere, natural, hardworking, friendly, elegant, alert, sticky, sensitive… ”- How often does a woman write such words about a woman? It was true twelve years after Olga Havel’s death, but the words of her longtime friend, the poet Věra Jirousová, confirm all other testimonies of the undoubtedly characteristic woman.

Ten years before she was diagnosed with cancer, Václav Havel explained in a remote interrogation how he once found in his wife a sober proofreader of his torn ideas and the private support of his public adventures: with the sins with which I hurt her, and that I consult with her on the problems posed to me by my occasional emotional centrifugation); he is usually the first reader of my texts, and although he does not happen to be one of them, he is definitely my main authority in judging them; her ability to express even feelings that my morbid courtesy would never allow me to do in the end, sometimes protects me from the turmoil of the world and the danger that it will completely dissolve in her… “

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