Shania Lazo announced her retirement from “Puro Sentimiento” and Thamara Gómez congratulated her

Shania Lazo withdrew from 'Pure Feeling'.
Shania Lazo withdrew from ‘Pure Feeling’.

Through their social networks, Shania Lazo announced that he decided to step aside from the cumbia group ‘Pure Feeling’, in which he stood out as one of the main voices. The young woman is currently participating in ‘The Voice Generations’ with his father, and his greatest wish is to develop his career as a soloist.

“Dear followers, friends and the general public. I am writing to let you know that as of this date I no longer belong to the “Pure Sentiment” group, from whom I have learned a lot and will carry in my heart as one big family,” he wrote. shania on your official account Instagram.

Shania Lazo He did not hesitate to explain his reasons for taking this difficult measure. He also appreciated the opportunity that the group gave him.

“Thank the bosses for having trusted my work. To my colleagues and musicians, for their great professionalism and always giving everything on stage. My departure from the group is due to my desire to generate opportunities that allow me to continue growing as a professional. I hope to have your support at every step of my career, ”she concludes in his statement.

“I have plenty of words” and “Mix Mallanep” are two of the songs that Shania performed at the massive concerts of ‘Puro Sentimiento’, the cumbia group from christian dominguez.

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Shania is focused on her participation in ‘The Voice Generations’, along with his father Christian Lazo. The duo belongs to the team of Eva Ayllon.

Shania Lazo and her farewell statement.  instagram
Shania Lazo and her farewell statement. instagram

After making this announcement, the congratulations did not wait. Many of her fans applauded that the young woman has taken this great step in her career. Even singers commented under the publication, including Thamara Gomezformer member of ‘Pure Feeling’.

As you remember, gomez He retired from the orchestra after Pamela Franco He entered as the front of the group. On this occasion, the singer expressed her annoyance and decided to step aside from her to launch as a soloist.

“Nobody kicked me out, I got out. pure feeling It is an orchestra that is identified by young girls and it did not seem to me (Pamela’s entry) because, in my thinking, there were going to be preferences. I had the idea that I was going to change that format and I didn’t think so, ”she expressed at that time for the program Chiquiwilo, which is transmitted by Youtube.

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This time, the young woman commented on the publication of Shania Lazowhere he did not hesitate to describe her as a person “without any evil”.

“Thousands of successes in everything friend, I know you will do great because you are a beautiful human being inside and out, you are a good friend, without any evil in your heart. You always shine my Shania Lazo. I adore you,” Thamara wrote.

Shania Lazo retires from Puro Sentimiento.
Shania Lazo retires from Puro Sentimiento.

The singer said that when she entered ‘Serrano Heart’ Only Yrma and Edita Guerrero were there. Then Lesly Águila and star towers. It is with the second with whom he starred in more than one altercation.

As the singer revealed, this happened due to her immature behavior, typical of age.

“(I fought) more with Estrellita. Small things bothered us. I think that happens in all groups. It’s just that girls are a bit complicated. But today, we get along super well with Lesly and Estrella. We are more mature because of all the things we have been through,” said Thamara.


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