Sexy again: Ivleeva boasted appetizing forms in a tiny bikini

Anastasia Ivleeva.

Anastasia Ivleeva.

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Nastya Ivleeva arranged for herself a short vacation in hot places. The TV presenter flew to the sea, where she swam and sunbathed on a yacht. On the last day of rest, the blogger shared a spectacular shot in a tiny bikini on her Telegram channel. In the photo, Nastya poses with her face up to the sun. The frame is built in such a way that all the charms of Ivleeva got into the lens close-up.

– Well, a huge (joke) 4-day vacation ends today, and I’m returning to Moscow …. rrrwork! Hooray! Now until January! – announced the TV presenter.

A year ago, Nastya lost a lot of weight, so that her figure practically lost her mouth-watering roundness. Now the TV presenter has gained weight again and returned to her usual sexy parameters.

The TV presenter boasted a figure in a bikini.  Photo: social networks.

The TV presenter boasted a figure in a bikini. Photo: social networks.

Soon on the channel “Friday!” starts a new show with the participation of Anastasia – “Heart of Ivleeva”. For the favor of the blogger, 50 participants of the reality project will fight at once. Nastya promised to give the participant she liked, if not her hand, then at least her heart. True, how her new love will be combined with the old one is still unclear. Rumor has it that the star of “Eagle and Tails” reunited with her ex-husband – rapper Eldzhey (Aleksey Uzenyuk).

The TV presenter and musician broke up in the spring of 2021. Since then, fans have noticed more than once that the former spouses spend time in each other’s company. Rumors that they decided to get back together have been circulating for several months. In the summer, Nastya and Alexei celebrated their wedding anniversary together. Ivleeva herself denies that she got back together with her ex-husband, although she does not hide the fact that she often sees Eldzhey. The TV presenter assures that she meets with him solely in order to shoot content for her social networks.

– We meet only for content, only hype, no personal relationships and no sympathy. It doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t say anything – we just walk, shoot vlogs, ”said Anastasia.

However, recently at the LJ concert, the ex-spouses stopped hiding the obvious and confirmed that they were together again. The musician performed the track “360”, which he dedicated to Nastya. By the end of the song, the TV presenter climbed onto the stage and filmed what was happening. “My favorite blogger,” Aljay turned to Nastya. Continuing to shoot, Ivleeva hugged her ex-husband. And then the couple, to the screams of the fans, merged in a passionate kiss. The video of the scene went viral on social media.

True, Nastya immediately justified herself for this scene and announced on social networks that the kiss was a warm-up to her author’s course “How to stay with former friends.”

– Busenysh (Olga Buzova – Ed.) Has already made an advance payment, – Ivleeva joked.

And in her personal Telegram channel, the TV presenter wrote: “Everything is hype. All for the money.”

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