Sex or meat: In Germany, they propose to make sex a privilege for vegetarian men

The Germans, who in Europe are rightfully considered

The Germans, who in Europe are rightfully considered “champions of the grill”, began to resent the encroachment on the sacred – sausages

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The German section of the American organization PETA, advocating for the humane treatment of animals, has broken another record of stupidity: in a recently published press release, animal rights activists suggest ban sex for men who like grilling sausages.

The Germans, who in Europe are rightfully considered “grill champions”, began to resent in social networks because of attacks on the sacred – sausages.

PETA’s position on this issue was clarified by Daniel Cox, an employee of this organization, who said that men who spend their weekends with grill tongs in their hands leave too large a carbon footprint. Therefore, they bring closer the moment when the planet becomes uninhabitable. Accordingly, such men should not reproduce.

– The difference between men and women in this regard reaches 41%. We took this opportunity to show that our lifestyle not only leads to endless animal suffering for the sake of our momentary pleasure – our eating habits add fuel to the fire on the climate crisis, Cox explained.

He also said that, on average, every German eats a huge number of animals during his life – about one and a half thousand.

– They are [мужчины] destroy the planet, warm it up and cause the suffering and death of two million animals a day, – said the animal rights activist.

However, the anger of animal rights activists is caused not only by men standing near the grill, but also by children. Actually, all children.

“Each unborn child saves 58.6 tons of CO2 emissions per year,” the organization said in a press release. So, according to PETA, a ban on sex for male meat-eaters could be a great way to prolong the life of our planet.

But Cox himself, according to him, will continue to have sex with pleasure. Because he is a vegan, and he can.

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