Sex heals: even a runny nose can be cured by intimacy

The participants in the experiment were university doctors or their partners.

The participants in the experiment were university doctors or their partners.

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If there is a cure for all diseases, then it is certainly sex. Science has proven that love relationships relieve stressimprove mood, strengthen immunity, improve heart function, relieve pain, prevent the development of oncology …

This list can be continued indefinitely. However, I bet that you did not suspect that with the help of passionate hugs and kisses you can fight a runny nose. Although scientists guessed something similar a century and a half ago. The fact that there is a connection between the intimate organs and the organs of smell was argued back in the 19th century by Wilhelm Fliess, a close friend and colleague of Sigmund Freud. The founder of psychoanalysis, who already saw phalluses everywhere, favorably reacted to the idea of ​​looking for the beginning of a jade rod under his nose. However, the matter did not go further than theoretical research.

An experiment that clearly demonstrated that there is an unexpected practical application for sensual pleasures was carried out quite recently in Germany. The results of a study titled “Can sex improve nasal function?…” were published in the scientific journal “Ear, Nose, and Throat” (“Ear, throat and nose”) by a group of scientists from the University of Heidelberg.

The researchers recruited 18 couples in love (average age 33 years) who were not embarrassed by the strange proposal: before indulging in tender passion, they were asked to measure nasal breathing in two ways. First, the work of the nose should be assessed on a 10-point scale based on subjective sensations (0 – no violations, 10 – nasal breathing is impossible). And then measure the real state of affairs in the nostrils using a special device (you had to blow into it). Having done away with boring scientific formalities, the partners had to bring each other to orgasm, and then – without wasting a minute – to fix how this affected nasal breathing. The first measurement was to be made one minute after reaching bliss, the second after 30 minutes, the third after 1 hour and the fourth after 3 hours.

The authors of the study immediately warned that the participants in the experiment were university doctors or their partners. Otherwise, no one would have believed that outsiders would responsibly and honestly fill out the questionnaire. Just imagine this foreplay, when he and she begin to “blow through the straw” and fill out the questionnaire. Not every lady is able to excite this (even if you play professor and student), and it is forbidden to simulate an orgasm by the conditions of the experiment.

The next day, the brave participants repeated the procedure for collecting data on how they breathe “before” and “after”. Only this time, instead of having sex, they were asked to squirt a vasoconstrictor spray up their noses.

When scientists compared the results, it turned out that sex “pierces” the nose as effectively as special drugs. The only difference is that the “drug” based on “oohs” and “oohs” worked for an hour. And the nose drops worked for three hours.

What follows from this discovery, dear friends? First, monitor the health of the object of your desires: at the first sign of nasal congestion, provide her (or him) with quality medical care. No chemistry! – I call you. And secondly, it is probably necessary to bring the name of the proud specialty – “doctor ear throat” into line with the new scientific data. I don’t know where the fourth element will fit into this combination. But since there is such a direct and obvious connection between the nose and the genitals, this circumstance must certainly be reflected. So that no one in the office would be surprised by the request of doctors, who are now called otolaryngologists: “Undress, girl!”


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