Seven armed invaders broke into the apartment of the mayor of Energodar

Today, seven armed Russian military officers and one woman, probably a propagandist for an enemy TV channel, broke into the apartment of the mayor of the temporarily occupied Energodar.

About this in Telegram Mayor of Energodar Dmitry Orlov said, Ukrinform reports.

“Today, seven armed invaders and one woman broke into my apartment. Most likely a correspondent for a propaganda channel. They came to visit, knowing that the owners had not been there for a long time. What can you find in the house of a large family with three children? I won’t be surprised if soon the story will turn out that “Orlov kept a javelin or a grenade launcher in one of the children’s rooms,” the mayor wrote.

In order to get into the apartment, the enemies first damaged the front door to the entrance, and then the door of the room itself.

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The apartment, as you can see in the photo posted by Orlov, was sealed by the invaders.

Photo: Dmitry Orlov, Telegram

As previously reported, yesterday the enemies arrived at the fire station DPRC-13 and searched the office of the head of the 1st state fire and rescue squad Vitaly Troyan, and then took the head of the fire station in an unknown direction.

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