Servando Gómez, “La Tuta”, was sentenced to 47 years in prison

  La Tuta was sentenced to more than 47 years in prison
La Tuta was sentenced to more than 47 years in prison

the man called Servando Gomez Martinezalias the “tuta”, former leader of “The Knights Templar”, was officially sentenced to 47 years in prisonin addition to a fine of 13 thousand 50 days for the crimes of organized crime Y against health in the form of promotion.

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), through the Specialized Prosecutor for Organized Crime (FEMDO), in coordination with the Specialized Prosecutor for Regional Control (FECOR), managed to obtain a conviction against the “Tuta”.

In the Nayarit delegation It was where he was charged with the crimes for organized crime and by threaten health on the modality of promotionto enable the execution of crimes of the same nature, according to the information disclosed in the FGR statement.

after ministerial investigations made by the FEMDOit became known that Servando G and other people were leaders of a criminal organizationwhere they had functions of address Y managementin which their main activity was drug traffic in various states of the Mexican territory, more frequently in Michoacan.

during the month of March of 2015elements of the exist Federal police complied with the commandment capture against “tuta”, who is currently incarcerated in the Federal Rehabilitation Center Social Number One”Plateau” with headquarters in Almoloya de Juárez, State of Mexico.

The test items that were obtained by the Public Ministry of the Federation (MPF), were the ones who allowed That dictate sentence conviction of 47 years Y six months of prison for the aforementioned crimes.

Servando Gomez Martinezbetter known as “Tuta” either “The teacher”, was one of the drug leaders most wanted in Mexico during the six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto (ENP), the same as he was arrested for a chocolate cake in 2015.

The Mexican capo was captured at dawn on Friday, February 27, seven years ago on the outskirts of the city of Morelia, Michoacán. At that time he had five arrest warrants against him, 13 preliminary investigations and he was pointed out for having paid 100,000 pesos a month to various elements of the police corporations in exchange for protection.

Gomez Martinez is originally from Arteagaa mountain municipality located on the slopes of “Tierra Caliente”, before it ventured into the world of crime, “La Tuta” was a primary school teacher. It was learned that between 1981 and 1985 he studied at the Arteaga Normal School (CRENAM), where he obtained his position as a teacher.

For the next 15 years he served as basic education teacher at the Melchor Ocampo elementary school, in the same municipality of Arteaga. At that time he was participated in the “left-wing teachers’ movement” in Michoacán and the neighboring region of Guerrero, in the epicenters of guerrilla movements that emerged since 1960.

That’s when he learned social penetration strategies, guerrilla fighting tactics Y ways to survive in hiding. Before dedicating himself to the production and trafficking of drugs, he participated in the Foundation several help centers for youths with addiction problems.

Rumor has it that after a decade and a half as a teacher, he got tired of his salary and the poor environment in which he had always grown up; so in early 2000 he left the classroom and joined the world of drug trafficking.

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