Seriously ill actress Anastasia Melnikova fell ill

Frame show "Malakhov" on the channel "Russia 1"

Frame of the show “Malakhov” on the channel “Russia 1”

Anastasia Melnikova shared disturbing news. Seriously ill actress fell ill at Christmas, because of which she did not go to the monastery.

Anastasia Melnikova deal with the effects of therapywhich she is currently undergoing. The actress revealed her diagnosis. “Now the consequences of therapy are pneumonia. This is a consequence of treatment,” the star quotes

Anastasia, due to illness, was unable to celebrate Christmas in the Zelenetsky Monastery. She took to her bed. The celebrity was going to spend a couple of days in the Leningrad region. “I was going to defend the service at Christmas in the Zelenetsky monastery. I am a believer, I go to church. But this year I wanted to celebrate Christmas there. It didn’t work out …” the celebrity complained.

It is worth noting, 53 year old actress had previously undergone four surgeries. For the past five years, Melnikova has been struggling with an unknown illness. Doctors cannot give her an accurate diagnosis, but they continue to try to cure the celebrity.

Not long ago she took a course of hormonal therapy, because of which she became very stout. As soon as the actress stopped taking the drugs, the weight began to return to normal. But it is impossible to completely refuse treatment. “There were huge periods of drug treatment between operations, including hormone therapy. I didn’t eat frantic doses of hormones. But at one time I didn’t have a neck at all, my shoulders started from my cheeks. It really was something terrible. hormones, I started to lose weight – and then the next operation, new hormones, “the artist lamented.


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