Sergio Massa: “Hopefully we all have our eggs well laid in Argentina to face inflation”

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.  He talked about inflation and his supposed candidacy.
The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa. He talked about inflation and his supposed candidacy.

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massalaunched a strong political definition after the 2022 inflation data was known and downplayed those reported by his presidential candidacy.

During the launch of the “Argentine Productive Strengthening Program”, the Argentine Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, analyzed the results of inflation -in December it accelerated to 5.1%- and spoke about the acceleration of prices in Argentina.

“Today we saw the number of the CPI end of senior year. Inflation is neither more nor less than inflation. fever of a sick economy. The challenge that we all have, I as the main person in charge, is to encourage ourselves to lower the fever and face this disease in which we repeatedly do it ”, he commented when launching the support plan for pig, poultry and egg producers

“This requires order, discipline, teamwork and a responsible view of the entire political leadership, business and union. Knowing that the December number shows that we have traveled a downward path that is not enough, I invite all Argentines so that, on this path that we have been traveling, we can continue to travel downward, not because it is a number, but because it is about the health of the economy,” added the official.

Continuing with his speech, Massa declared: “Hopefully we all have the right eggs in Argentina to face inflation.” Given this, the minister recognized the challenge of improving the income of Argentines by lowering inflation.

The minister also took advantage of his speech to respond to reports about his candidacy for president. “In recent days, the idea began to take shape that the job at the Ministry of Economy was part of a career. I want to make it clear that our race as a team is a race to lower inflation, to make Argentina grow. Lowering inflation cannot mean cooling the economy”, held.

“It is a race to follow that path of 22 consecutive months of job creation. Don’t put me in another race, because our race is the growth and economic development of Argentina, ”he insisted.

“These words are for those who have time to walk along the beaches proposing candidacies instead of working for the growth and development of their cities, their provinces or Argentina,” the official closed.

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