Sergei Stepashin, retired Colonel General: Valery Gerasimov received the title of Hero of Russia for his operation in Syria. It means a lot

Sergei Stepashin

Sergei Stepashin

A photo: Alexey BULATOV

… – Sergei Vadimovich, the Minister of Defense appointed Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff, commander of a special military operation (SVO). How did you take this appointment?

– Firstly, I think the appointment was agreed with the Supreme Commander, which is obvious to me.

After all, this is the chief of the General Staff, the second official in the military department.

Secondly, it is quite clear that today this is not only a special operation that was announced by our president. We can already talk about countering the united West, in fact, the entire NATO.

We see very well that united Europe, the USA and their satellites are fighting against us.

Naturally, the bar for management efficiency is being raised.

The Chief of the General Staff, the First Deputy Minister of Defense has the opportunity to involve all our armed formations in solving strategic and tactical tasks.

From my point of view, a serious military turning point is taking place right now in the Donbas region… Hence, the need for more decisive and active actions is increasing.

I think that the decision with the new appointments of Valery Gerasimov, Sergei Surovikin and others is quite reasonable.

I don’t want to comment further here, I’m a civilian now, I can only express my personal point of view.

By the way, I want to remind you, many have forgotten – when the first Chechen campaign began, the ministers of defense, internal affairs and the director of the Federal Grid Company – we were all at the forefront. So we have experience…

– Such work – as they say, in conjunction.

– Yes … Pavel Grachev was then the Minister of Defense, Viktor Yerin was the Ministry of Internal Affairs ..

… – and Sergey Stepashin, director of the Federal Grid Company.

– We personally were in the war zone for two months. It was the decision of President Boris Yeltsin.

– FSK is Lubyanka, you were its boss.

– He served in counterintelligence, then – in the FSB.

– Do you know Gerasimov from the military campaign in Chechnya?

– Yes. But then I knew him as a military general, and then, even better – when he commanded a military district, he became chief of the General Staff.

So – an experienced person who knows, as they say, fought, showed himself perfectly in Syria, by the way. There he received the title of Hero of Russia.

– Was Gerasimov awarded a Hero for Syria?

– Precisely – for Syria. He was in charge of the whole operation there.

– You were recently in the Donbass, you know the people who fight and work there, met with the leadership, in particular, with the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin … What are they preparing for? Although the answer is clear…

– Yes, this is clear to all of us: to the fact that Donbass should finally be liberated.

And so that, finally, there came a peaceful life. Absolutely obvious…

Yes, while the fighting is going on. But we must more resolutely begin to restore the economy, the housing complex – for the people, the social sphere.

What is already being done in this direction, I saw with my own eyes in Mariupol.

It’s time to start restoring other cities and towns of Donbass. Especially – Donetsk.

Therefore, I think that the reshuffle in the leadership of the NWO gives hope to the citizens of Russia, who live on the territory of our country now, for a speedy transition to peaceful life.

It is quite obvious that we must liberate the territories of the Russian Federation – the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, this is obvious.

We now have two more subjects – Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, which should also be completely liberated and returned to normal life.

So there are no questions. For me, this is obvious as a military person and a citizen of Russia.

– Will the Territorial Development Fund continue its offensive?

– Yes, we are actively developing these territories. (Sergey Stepashin – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Territorial Development Fund. – A.G.)

So, its name is quite justified.

Our general director Ilshat Shagiakhmetov, with whom I went to Mariupol at the end of last year, has already been there again this January. He says that the dynamics of recovery is very good, we are fulfilling all the instructions of the president in this regard.

So, so…

– We wish the development of territories – a new scale.

– Thank you.

We are all looking for peace. And the world needs victory.

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