Sergei Stankevich, for Komsomolskaya Pravda from Istanbul: An international grain conveyor started working before my eyes

Russian politician Sergei Stankevich

Russian politician Sergei Stankevich

A photo: Viktor GUSEINOV

– … Sergey Borisovich, I always expect some non-standard actions from you. But for me it was a complete surprise that you were in Istanbul at such a crucial moment. In what capacity does Sergei Stankevich, an independent expert and an independent politician, appear there?

“It is in this capacity that I am here. As an independent politician and independent expert.

But, at the same time, for the first time in my life I act as a reporter. Please consider me a “Komsomol member” and an unofficial special correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda.

I’m a little worried, this is the first time I’m performing with such a live report from the scene.

– Well, I have long considered you to be such, so I have a question – just tell me what you observed? And what do you feel? We are waiting for your report.

– Thanks. I’m starting.

The international grain conveyor, agreed in the contract dated July 22, has started working.

And let’s remember…

– Let me remind you that the agreement on the creation of this conveyor was signed here, in Istanbul.

And four parties became participants – Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN.

It was they who formed the joint coordination center. He is also located here – in Istanbul on the Bosphorus, he was provided with a room.

– Who is included in this center?

– There are representatives of all four parties, experienced specialists, they were given the opportunity to work with the most modern equipment.

They also have access to “pictures” from drones that patrol the Black Sea. And so – the first ship went. It happened literally in front of my eyes.

– What kind of ship?

– A dry cargo ship under the flag of Sierre Lyon, called “Razoni”.

This ship left Odessa on August 1 and on the night of August 3, last night, approached the entrance to the Bosphorus.

On board – 26527 tons of corn. That’s the accuracy, it was checked by the inspection.

The ship was brought to a small fishing port, specially allocated – Runeli Fineli.

And on Wednesday, August 3, on board the “Razoni” raised a joint inspectionrepresenting these four sides.

The inspection lasted a little over three hours, then the results were reported to the Joint Coordination Center (JCC), and he gave the go-ahead. After that, the ship passed the Bosporus and set off calmly towards Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, where they were already waiting for it.

– And when will it arrive there?

-,Approximately in four days, if there are no delays in transit.

So, this first experience was used, among other things, to work out all the details of this very procedure, and everything seems to have gone well.

– What’s next?

– Now, according to various reports, in three contractual ports of Ukraine – these are Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny – it seems that there are already contracted and loaded – either 17, or 27 ships.

And they are waiting for the SKZ, having compiled a list and sequence, to give a command to send.

And if this grain conveyor starts working without failures, then the organizers of this process are ready to reach the volume of about 5 million tons of grain per month.

This, in principle, is enough to ensure the export of Ukrainian crops to world markets, mainly to the Middle East and Africa.

– Understood. Well, we are always waiting (just got used to) from Sergei Stankevich also a summary – about the world historical significance of this event, which you witnessed.

– This may (or may not) be a turning point, such a psychological one … Because, until now, tension and bitterness have been constantly growing in this geopolitical conflict, in which both Russia and Ukraine are involved.

But now – for the first time – the parties have begun some kind of joint peaceful activity – with the mediation of Turkey and the UN.

And, perhaps, now, at least, the bitterness will stop growing, and there will be some kind of desire to continue moving in this direction.

That is, we are talking about moving towards some kind of joint activity and the search for reasonable outcomes.

And I want to say again that this is still hope, and, by the way, this hope is very clearly formulated by UN Secretary General Antonique Guterres, this is his brainchild and his success – this hope must now be consolidated and confirmed.

I would not want some surprises, some possible provocations to derail this case.

Necessary, in my opinion, and important – not only for Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, but also for a significant part of the world.

– It’s clear. Naturally, we will not associate this campaign with a military special operation.

– No, no, it seems to be standing a little aside and it would be nice if the situation as a whole shifted in this direction.

– Thank you. The report of the Komsomolskaya Pravda special correspondent Sergei Stankevich from Istanbul is simply excellent!

– Thank you for your attention. Goodbye.

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