Sergei “General Armageddon” Surovikin will command the NVO – Sladkov

Russian military commissar Alexander Sladkov shared information that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided to appoint the commander of a special military operation.

“They say that Surovikin was appointed commander of special operations. This complex process has a responsible owner,” the reporter said in his own Telegram channel.

Army General Sergei Surovikin He has extensive combat experience: he fought in Chechnya, led the Eastern Military District, and commanded a grouping of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria. In the troops, the commander was nicknamed “General Armageddon.”

It was under his command that the Ukrainian group in the “Gorsky cauldron” was destroyed, Severodonetsk was liberated, the hostages from the Azot plant were rescued.

It is noted that his units always suffer the least losses on the battlefield.

Earlier, a military expert suggested that in order to achieve the goals of the NWO in Russia, they could announce second and third waves mobilization.

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