Sergei Burunov began preparing for retirement: I used to go to the pharmacy for condoms, but now it hurts there, it hurts

Sergei Burunov passed a medical examination in the pavilion "Healthy Moscow".  Photo: Oksana Zuiko

Sergei Burunov passed a medical examination in the Healthy Moscow pavilion. Photo: Oksana Zuiko

The star of “Policeman from Rublyovka” has become one of the sought-after actors in a few years, although many still remember him from the parody project “Big Difference”. Now 45 years old Sergey Burunov from city posters he promises the townspeople: “I will show you a healthy Moscow.” Those who have been to health pavilions in Moscow parks immediately understood what it was about. The actor also decided to think about his health.

– Yes, I finally decided to undergo a medical examination in the “Healthy Moscow” pavilion, – said Sergey Burunov.

The artist filled out all the questionnaires, donated blood, stood on the scales. With a height of 174 centimeters, Sergei Burunov is clearly overweight – 96 kg. The artist honestly admitted that, like many people, he is lazy, always postponing medical examinations for later.

Photo: Oksana Zuiko

Photo: Oksana Zuiko

– Do you have any health complaints? the therapist asked Nikita Mironov.

– Cervical-thoracic region, pressure, fatigue. I worked for two days, slept badly, – the artist admitted.

Burunov has no chronic diseases, as he said. A few years ago, I had to go under the surgeon’s knife to remove a lipoma (a benign formation associated with a thickening of excess adipose tissue).

– Can you call yourself a healthy person?

– In no case. I eat everything. I try to divide the plate into carbohydrates, proteins and fats, – the actor answered

– Pizza in the restaurant can you afford?

– Evil is seductive, immediately brings results when he grabbed a pizza or drank Coca-Cola. But I try not to eat smoked, salty, fried, fatty foods. Here you need to choose: health or smoked sausage.

What do you need to do to be in the shape you are?

– I try to monitor my health, get enough sleep, be in the fresh air. I swim sometimes, but it seems so to me, and the coach says that I just stay on the water. So I will say, if earlier I went to the pharmacy for condoms, and to the store for cigarettes – that’s all, and somehow chuckled that something hurts someone. And now it starts at the very beginning: here it stung, it hurts there, something is tired.

Photo: Oksana Zuiko

Photo: Oksana Zuiko

– What recommendations did the doctors give you?

– Observe the regime of work and rest, sleep at least 7-9 hours, monitor nutrition and drinking regimen. The problem is that following these recommendations with my pace of life will be difficult. This is a metropolis, trouble at work. As soon as possible, I try to get enough sleep, go for walks in the fresh air, find time for relatives, sex, laughter.

Are you already thinking about retirement?

– Would live. Man proposes, but God disposes. Now I plan to take care of my health, travel. I want to work in some interesting project, where there is depth and meaning, maybe shoot something of my own. It will be a movie. My story, with my like-minded people who hear and understand me. While looking for a topic.

The artist admitted that most of all he wants to go to the Black Sea on a motorcycle – he has such a dream for the near future. True, he admits that it is scary to go alone and his back hurts.

– Now I will restore the musculoskeletal system and I want to try to go on a motorcycle trip. I love to drive a motorcycle very much, I never learned how to fly an airplane, although I studied several courses at an aviation school, but then I became interested in creativity and went to a circus variety school. And I do not regret that I changed my vocation.


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