Serbian sniper in the army of Donbass: We will attack in August!

Dejan Beric arrived in Donbas in December

Dejan Beric arrived in Donbas in December

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN


Serbian sniper Dejan Beric arrived to Donbass back in December and disappeared from the radar. Only on February 22 did I receive a message from him: “What can I say, I congratulate us on our recognition.” So he rejoiced at the recognition of Russia DNR and LNR.

And the other day Deki showed up, and I invited him to breakfast, promised: “I will make scrambled eggs, like at the bus station in Belgrade.” I knew how much Deki misses Serbia, where he cannot return. And I knew how to make the right scrambled eggs. Firstly, the main secret is chili pepper rings, and secondly, in Serbian, you don’t need to feel sorry for greens, sausages and eggs.

After breakfast we were going to talk in detail. This morning, our troops have already seriously begun to break Avdiivka, trying to push the Ukrainian troops away from Donetsk. I haven’t heard anything like this for a long time – both cannon and rocket artillery were working from 6.30, and in the midst of our “Belgrade breakfast” right above our heads, air defense shot down a missile from a Smerch. Its fragments fell nearby, in Shcherbakov’s park. I leaned out the window, at the same time pulling my head into my shoulders, like a turtle, trying to understand: “What? Where? Where?”. At that moment, decks found themselves between the load-bearing walls of the apartment and noticed to me, without looking up from the phone: “Dima, this is an arrival.”


We waited a bit and finished the scrambled eggs, I turned on the recorder:

– If it’s not a secret, where have you been these months? What was your task?

– It’s not a secret to destroy enemies (laughs). At first we were in the Kiev direction, then in Izyum. Now I was asked to come to Donetsk, to work with the mobilized guys.

– And how are they? Warriors? Opinions are different.

– Yes, I also read on the Internet that they do not want to fight, they scatter, they are caught on the streets … I arrived in Popasnaya, in the 100th brigade, and there the guys were fired, sensible, they want to fight and it is very easy to work with them.

– How are you equipped?

– April was a complete disaster! There was nothing at all. There were a lot of sanitary losses from small fragments, in the chest, as a rule. I don’t know why it happened, I didn’t get into it. But I knew people who could help us. Now half of the battalion has normal helmets and body armor. By the end of August they will be fully equipped. You know, these are the sores of any military action. There is always something missing, it does not happen that there is everything at once. The main thing is to learn from your mistakes.

– Who are these guys by profession?

– There are all professions, except for the military. Both teachers and cooks are real cooks, and not like prisoners of war (VSU. – Armed Forces of Ukraine. – Auth.). There are many miners, and these are people who are not afraid of anything in life. It seemed to me that it was even easier for them in the war than in the mine underground. And most importantly, they understand why they are fighting. I talked to them a lot. At first, when they saw the “mosinki” (Mosin rifle of the 1891-30 model. – Auth.), They said: “Oh, our grandfathers fought with them!”. And then I showed them what a mosquito can do.


– Tell me, what can this old, one might say – ancient, rifle do? I remember when the photos of those mobilized with “mosinki” went out, there was a holiday in Kyiv: “The Muscovites have run out of weapons!”

– Its characteristics are similar to any other rifle of this caliber. But, we have improved them a bit.

Deki shows me a picture of the “modified” rifle, but says that it is not yet possible to publish. To be honest, I hardly recognized the old rifle. Deki explains:

– “Mosinka” was originally conceived for shooting while standing or kneeling. Well, who will shoot standing on the front line now ?! And it is very inconvenient to shoot from it lying down. The descent is tight, but it is being finalized. As it turned out, the normal stock, which turned the “mosquitoes” into a real sniper weapon, was made in the USA. We didn’t have them, we didn’t make them. But how so? If there is a problem, it must be solved! I found a man, the first bed was made of wood, by hand. Tested – everything is perfect. And now in Izhevsk they began to be mass-produced, on machine tools!

– I know that “mosquito”, as they say – “fights”, a strong return?

Deki disagrees with me:

– Not as strong as painful. The back of the butt is steel and when shooting, it hits here with the upper angle.

Deca shows place:

– Directly with the upper angle into the bone and into the nerve. We’ve fixed that too. They also decided with cartridges – the weight of gunpowder is different, the bullets are of different weights, and it is important for a sniper that the nature of the weapon is always the same. When shooting further than 300 meters, this is already noticeable. We agreed that they would bring a special device for reloading cartridges.

– What are the results of your students?

– The usual “mosquito” with a regular sight, my guys at a distance of 100 meters put bullets in one arc minute – this is 2.908 centimeters. Snipers of the Russian army say – this is unrealistic! Why is it unrealistic, it would be a desire.

– Do they have a desire?

– Yes. They saw “mosinki” in battle, fought in Volnovakha and near Lisichansk. We saw our dead friends and dead enemies. They understand that there is serious work ahead, to liberate our land…

Deki pauses and clarifies:

– Ours, of course, I am a citizen of the DPR and consider the republic my homeland.

Deka’s way to Serbia is booked – a long time ago a criminal case was opened against him there, and a long time awaits him in his “big” Motherland.


I have a question for Deka from the “unanswerable” category, but I ask it to everyone, trying to find some kind of average opinion:

– The liberation of Donbass is not far off. It is clear that the 8-year-long war will not end there. So? I understand that you can only answer for your guys. Will they go to Kyiv?

Deki replies confidently:

– They will. But even taken Kyiv will not solve anything. Ukraine must be completely liberated. If a piece of Ukraine has at least some kind of army left, the West will continue to pump it up with weapons, and they will continue to fight, to kill people. Not a single piece of independent Ukraine should be left behind. It’s my opinion. My guys agree with this. Some of them died, their relatives, comrades at the front, their houses were destroyed. All our problems will be later …

– What kind?

– Nazis who dropped their uniforms and changed clothes. They will dissolve among the population of Ukraine and engage in terror. True, they reassured me: “The Russian Guard will come, SOBR, they will catch them.” I disagree and always say: “The trouble with Russians is that we are all very polite and kind.” You can’t do that with them.

– So what to do?

– I remember talking to the commander of the Vostok battalion, Khodakovsky, and I told him that there, in the liberated territories, the people who fought here should be in charge. The same Khodakovsky and his unit, which believes in him, should not be left in Donetsk, but put in charge of large regions of Ukraine. These people will not feel sorry for either Bandera, or terrorists, or saboteurs. They will be afraid.

– You know, partly your opinion is realized. So I recently returned from the Zaporozhye region. Artyom Sharlay, the guy from the 2014 photo of 300 Cossacks, works in the military-civilian administration there. Have you seen her? (where a handful of people who opposed the Maidan were surrounded by a crowd of nationalists)

Deki nods.

– And there are many such guys there, expelled from their native cities, past Ukrainian prisons, emigration, who fought.

– I agree. Now people in Ukraine are bought by the West. We should not buy, because they will be bought from us. The West will always give a higher price. There is only one thing left – Russia should be respected and feared. It’s my opinion. But I don’t see any other options.


– You can compare the opponent in 2014 and 2022. What changed?

– Two things have changed. Their hatred for the Donbass and Russia has intensified even more. And they also began to hate people from the territories that the Ukrainian army is leaving. And the second difference is that the Ukrainian artillery has improved qualitatively. Became more precise. This is not surprising if all of NATO is participating in the battles on their side. But, as fighters, in close combat, they have not changed. Ukrainian soldiers either give up quickly or die quickly. I can compare both with the Croats and the Bosnians, compared to them, the Ukrainian troops are nothing.

– And the nationalist battalions?

– Interestingly, they fight worse than the army. It seems to me that the national battalions were created for business. For his power support, collection of donations and humanitarian aid. Their ideology is also strange: “We will not make Ukraine beautiful, we just hate the Donbass and Russia, give us money and we will hate even more.” We have seen enough of exactly how the national battalions mocked people, much more than the Ukrainian army. And then they ran away very quickly.


– Will ours attack in August?

– Of course, the enemy has nothing to attack in the Donbass, the losses are simply horrendous.

– And have we changed something since the beginning of the special operation?

– Coordination between the parts has become better, it is directly very visible. It is noticeable how our losses are reduced. The biggest ones were in the first twenty days. Now, sometimes, we occupy Ukrainian positions with almost no losses.

– Are there many min-petals? The fighters, I noticed, often talk about them, it feels like it worries them.

Deca surprises me:

– My friend’s petal exploded under his foot, and we walked side by side, from my foot to his was ten centimeters. His heel, of course, was terribly beaten off, half of his leg was blue. But ten days later he returned to duty. Maybe lucky. Although the mine is insidious, of course, with its invisibility.

– Have you met a Western weapon that surprised you or envy you?

– Of course. Rifle “Schmidt-Bender”, for example, with an eye for a million rubles. There is something to envy when each cartridge was originally made for snipers, when the weapon is just beautiful … But, you see, it didn’t help them! “Mosinki” finished them off. When the ring was closed near Lisichansk, the Ukrainian army got out on foot, by swimming, and then by footpaths. I planted my snipers with “mosquitoes” on these paths. One of my guys, he did not fight before, he was just studying, there was a result – 14 eliminated enemies. It may sound cruel, but either we are THEM or they are us. Therefore, THEM must be driven. It won’t work otherwise.


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