Serbian prime minister says country is on the brink of war

1,000 Serbian law enforcement officers ready to be sent to Kosovo

1,000 Serbian law enforcement officers ready to be sent to Kosovo

A photo: REUTERS

Serbian Prime Minister Anna Brnabic is sure that the actions of her Kosovo counterpart Albin Kurti and the connivance of the European Union have put Serbs and Albanians on the brink of war. The head of the Serbian government stated this at a press conference in Belgrade.

“Albin Kurti brought all of us, Serbs and Albanians, to the very brink of war, but he did not do it alone. We note the completely ignorant behavior of partners and the European Union, which do not react or react when it is already “completely on fire” – said Brnabic.

Earlier it became known that the Kosovo police leadership decided to increase the number of security forces in the northern part of the republic, as a result of which more than 200 special forces officers arrived in the city inhabited by Serbs, and then went on.

This is a clear violation of the agreements, according to which the Kosovo police have no right to cross Serbian areas without the permission of the authorities.

The leadership of the country considered the invasion of special forces a provocation, and the head of the office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petkovic, announced his readiness to send 1,000 Serbian law enforcement officers to the region.

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