Sentoi approved a reduction in gas and diesel consumption by 1.50 crowns per liter Business

The Minister of Finance, Zbynk Stanjura from the ODS sentor, said that the fall of oil could be reduced to the minimum limit set by the European Union.

The current tax is a government response to rising fuel prices, which, according to analysts, caused the main inflationary pressures and invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine.

According to the opposition, it is lacking and has no significant effect on fuel prices. According to Stanjura, however, the inspections of fuel retailers will continue until the end, so that the government can be sure that the reduced excise duty will be fully reflected in total prices.

12.84 crowns are now paid out per liter of petrol and 9.95 crowns for diesel. The Ministry of Finance stated that the prices at filling stations could fall by 1.80 K per liter due to reduced excise duty. The expected shortfall in the central budget is about three billion crowns.

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