Sent rejected Polednek’s nomination as state judge, and was nominated by Zeman in April Home

I humbly accepted the invitation to run for judge of the Constitutional Court. It’s for the city and the real thing, said Polednk on Wednesday afternoon in Sent and admitted that he was surprised by the wave of resentment raised by his candidacy on the social grounds.

According to him, he didn’t like his experience. They accused me of publishing little and that I had no experience with the state court and the general courts. As a lawyer, I go to court every 45 years, and my experience is drunk.

He stated that, for example, he did not respect the decision of the Supreme Court on unfinished executions during the execution of the execution. He emphasized that he had never been sentenced.

According to Jan Tecl, chairman of the Sent election commission, five out of a total of eighteen voters voted for the lawyer. He did not agree with the election of Mr. Polednek, said the sentorm.

Polednka was nominated by President Milo Zeman as a successor to Kateina Imkov, who joined the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg last year. Polednk, a seven-year-old lawyer, has been working since 1976 after graduating from the Faculty of First Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. He has no specialization, but outside he pays tribute to the criminal first. He is thus a member of the Slovak Bar Association.

The elder of the judiciary could be enriched as an expert in applied practice without further confusion, Zeman said in a lot. Two representatives of the Sentor factions spoke out against Polednek’s nomination.

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