Sending 100,000 troops from North Korea to Donbass depends on Russia’s consent – Korotchenko

North Korea offered Russia military assistance in the form of sending 100 thousand volunteers to Donbass to take part in the NWO on the side of the RF Armed Forces. military expert Igor Korotchenko commented on the initiative, stressing that it will be about providing military forces to the North Korean army.

“North Korea shows real support for the Russian Federation in holding a peacekeeping event in Ukraine,” Korotchenko said in a comment to MK.

He recalled that this country has been supporting the special operation in Ukraine from the very beginning, providing moral support in protecting the inhabitants of the LPR and DPR from the aggressive actions of the Kyiv regime. According to him, the initiative Kim Jong Un about sending volunteers to Ukraine can be implemented with the consent of the Russian Federation. In this case, the ranks of the RF Armed Forces can be replenished with well-trained military personnel with high morale.

“If we agree to this proposal, then the DPRK will definitely send its people – there is no doubt about it.”

However, the Kremlin will make a decision, taking into account the political component. Korotchenko refrained from making predictions about Moscow’s decision.

“I repeat, in any case, this is a matter of Russia’s political decision,” he said.

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