Selectively and humanely: Russia delivers precision strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure, trying not to hurt civilians

Russian missiles hit Ukraine's energy infrastructure facilities

Russian missiles hit Ukraine’s energy infrastructure facilities

A photo: REUTERS

Who is now talking about more than 100 Russian missile strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure facilities that were inflicted on October 10, who are talking about 200. It does not matter in this case. It doesn’t matter how many Russian missiles and drones were shot down by Ukrainian air defense. Here, Kyiv gives free rein to its unbridled fantasy, reporting on dozens of downed cruise missiles and Geran-2 drones, without providing any evidence of this. Which is not surprising, since in almost all cases the air raid alert was already announced upon arrival. I’m talking about something else now. Zelensky said that 12 civilians of Ukraine allegedly died during the missile strikes.

The Russian military carried out strikes with high-precision weapons at those objects where there were no civilians. This is also evidenced by the time of the beginning of the strikes, when the people, for the most part, are just starting to get ready for work, but have not yet left and have not arrived. And this is the minimum number of victims.

This shows that Russia has not departed from its directives to fight, if possible, “in white gloves.” And the purpose of the strikes was not only to damage the infrastructure that Ukraine needs to conduct hostilities, not only “punishment” for the terror unleashed by Ukraine against Russia and its own (former and continuing to be) fellow citizens, but also a warning, as it can be, if for real.

“We haven’t started yet,” Putin said not so long ago. They didn’t believe him. Neither in Kyiv, nor in the capitals of other states. Aleksey Arestovich, a complete liar and practically the official mouthpiece of Zelensky, lulled everyone on the other side of the battle line that Russia had run out of missiles. It’s already run out a few times. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von de Leyen, little-known among European gynecologists, in general, “opened” the world’s eyes, saying that the Russians are taking out chips from microwaves and “washers” to put them in “Caliber” and other rockets. Few people have ever made such a complete fool of themselves. But now is not about that.

Even if we take on faith the statement about 12 dead in Ukraine, this is an objective indicator that it is Putin and Russia, and not Zelensky and Kyiv, who are striving to save the lives of peaceful Ukrainian citizens to the maximum, no matter how cynical it may sound at first glance.

In the LDNR, so many civilians can die in a typical day of ordinary shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because the Ukronazis are shooting precisely at places where civilians potentially accumulate.

If you look at how many civilians were killed at one time in Yugoslavia, Libya or the same Iraq by “carriers of democracy” from the United States and its satellite countries, then there is nothing to even compare with – about 150 thousand inhabitants of Yugoslavia, about a million (or even more) Iraqis, tens of thousands of Libyans. And it is not for them, who flooded the cities with white phosphorus, now to blather something from their corners. By the way, at the same time, you can ask Israel, which regularly launches rocket attacks on “enemy” power plants, why Jerusalem does not consider them “civilian objects.”

In addition, it is still a very big question how many Ukrainian civilians died on Monday not from Russian missiles, but from their own. It was not a Russian cruise missile that flew into the same “Klitschko bridge” in Kyiv (from the impact of which a funnel would have been larger, and the bridge itself would not have resisted), but a Ukrainian air defense missile. What the Ukrainians themselves showed by filming the remains of it exactly under the bridge. As, by the way, similarly, a few months ago, Klitschko himself, talking about the strike of the supposedly Russian “Caliber” on a residential building in Kyiv, showed the striking elements from the Buk air defense missile system (air defense system). They prove the presence of casualties from “friendly” fire and the trajectory of several air defense missiles at once (either “Buk”, or S-300), which could not really take off, and after starting, after a few seconds they ran into residential areas of the Ukrainian capital , detonating at the place of arrival.

I would venture to suggest that if the Ukrainian air defense forces had not tried to shoot down Russian cruise missiles, then there would have been even fewer civilian casualties during missile strikes.

There was no missile attack on any nuclear power plant or hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine, which could lead to unpredictable consequences with a large number of casualties among the population. All strikes hit local thermal power plants or thermal power plants, which is certainly large-scale in terms of consequences, but not critical and does not lead to the transformation of territories unsuitable for life. That Kyiv has been trying unsuccessfully for more than a month now, exposing the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant to shelling. Or trying to arrange an accident-catastrophe by blowing up power lines extending from the Kursk nuclear power plant in Russia. And this defiant ignorance of the nuclear power plant is the best evidence that, contrary to the statements of Western and Ukrainian hysterics, Putin is not going to use even tactical nuclear weapons, not to mention even more serious weapons. The use of nuclear weapons by Russia is the fantasies and dreams of the sick Westerners and Bandera.

And these are the circumstances from which Kyiv is now trying in every possible way to divert the attention of the population of Ukraine, drawing in its inflamed fantasies pictures of the Apocalypse, which Russia allegedly intends to arrange.

The strikes that took place are a demonstration of the possibilities, that Russia, without any nuclear weapons, is capable of arranging a “stone age” in Ukraine. But he does not want to do this, calling on Kyiv to “observe the rules” and exclude the civilian population from among the “sides of the conflict.”

But if this warning and demonstration are ignored by Kyiv, then October 10 will seem like childish babble and a warm-up before the “real game.” The only question is, are there any leaders left in Ukraine who are able to comprehend this? Or have the local drug addicts and liars in Kyiv completely lost touch with reality, dreaming in their cocaine brains about the coming wins?

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