Seizure of Russian assets regulated in Ukraine – Nemchinov

In Ukraine, the process of seizure of Russian assets, including funds and property, has been regulated.

Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov said this on the Rada TV channel, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“Of course, we have it all settled. The fact that there is no permanent head of ARMA does not mean that this body does not work. There is an acting person, there is a full-fledged structure that works, including in the regions,” he informed.

According to Nemchinov, such assets are transferred by the National Agency of Ukraine for the identification, search and management of assets obtained from corruption and other crimes.

In turn, these assets are either subject to a competition, or by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, if these are large strategic assets, they are transferred to the management of state structures, as was done with a network of gas stations, with part of the pipeline infrastructure, and the like.

Speaking about the competition for the position of the head of ARMA, he recalled that the government expected the commission to elect the head of this body last week.

But, according to him, the members of the commission, and these are 8 people, 3 of whom are delegated and represent the interests of the Verkhovna Rada, and 5 are represented by various state bodies, in particular, the Office of the Prosecutor General, NABU, Gosfinmonitoring, the Ministry of Justice, took additional time to process materials by candidates.

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According to Nemchinov, 7 applicants remained in the final of this competition. The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers said that the members of the commission held interviews with these candidates the week before last and actually postponed the date for determining the winner of the competition to August 15.

“It is difficult for me to comment on this decision of the competition commission, because this is their internal issue, but we, most importantly, provide the technical capability and technical materials. I think that, finally, already on August 15 they will be able to announce the results of this competition,” he said.

As Ukrinform reported, on August 1, Nemchinov said that the competition committee for electing the chairman of ARMA needed more time to study materials about candidates.

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