Secret documents about Biden’s old criminal schemes revealed: Trump has already made a caustic comment

Secret documents from Biden's VP found in Washington

Secret documents from Biden’s VP found in Washington

A photo: REUTERS

…August 2022. Ex-President Donald Trump’s estate is being searched after FBI agents discover 11 folders containing documents representing state secrets. Probably, when leaving the White House after an unsuccessful attempt to be re-elected in 2020 earlier, the ex-leader took the “printed” papers along with other things. And given his extravagant lifestyle, it is likely that this happened by accident.

Trump’s political enemy, new President Joe Biden, does not hide his gloating: “How can a person be so irresponsible?” – he playfully discusses this episode in an interview with reporters in September of the same year.

But then the wheel of fortune turns around – and in the same fall, unpleasant news came from the Biden Center for Diplomacy at the University of Pennsylvania (yes, after resigning from the post of vice president under Obama in 2016, the “democratic grandfather” taught for a while, simultaneously founding non-profit organization named after myself).

As it turned out in the course of an internal investigation – probably, which began after the “documentary scandal” with Trump – it was not only him who grabbed all kinds of “X-files” from his old place of work. All in the same Biden “Center for Diplomacy” found at least 10 classified materials dated to the mid-2010s – just when one of the leaders of the Democratic Party worked as Vice President of the United States.

The “narrow circle” became aware of this even on the eve of the November elections to the Congress-2022, but they publicly announced the incident only now. Why is clear. In that electoral race, the “democrats” lost their majority in the lower house of parliament and retained the upper house with incredible difficulty – and the documentary scandal could well have cost them a couple more seats.

And this is far from the only slippery episode with the Biden NPO at a provincial university (authoritative universities of the megacities of the West and East coasts “for some reason” did not invite the ex-second person of the state to work in their departments). Such “think tanks” are often involved not only in analytics, but also in corruption schemes. Anyone can order from such an organization, for example, a “research in the field of international politics”, pay a conditional million for a dozen crookedly printed pages – and no one will dig, formally everything is honest – “this is a unique scientific work that cannot be evaluated in market terms.” In fact, it is a legalized bribe of some respected people to others.

It seems that something similar happened in the Biden NGO. He or it? – quite officially received tens of millions of dollars from some Chinese entrepreneurs. So to say, no business – just a personal firm.

However, the 46th President is not threatened with searches or criminal prosecution for “keeping secret documents in the wrong place”, unlike Trump. Just like nothing happened to his “party member,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was convicted of storing stamped emails on an unsecured server in the basement of her private home. At least as long as the Democratic Party retains control of the Senate (the upper house of parliament) and the White House.

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