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Police officers in Frankfurt am Main again attracted the attention of the prosecutor’s office: during the investigation of extremist activity, it was found that the comments posted in their group Internet chat were contrary to the Basic Law of Germany. The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt and the Criminal Police Office of the Hesse federal state announced searches were carried out on five members of the Frankfurt Police Department. As reported by both departments on Saturday, July 30, in a joint press release, among those under investigation, there are high-ranking police officers. All five police officers have been suspended from work.

Not the first scandal in the Frankfurt police

Frankfurt am Main Police and has been at the center of many scandals in the past. For example, most recently, in April 2022, the prosecutor’s office filed charges against several of its employees who allegedly shared photos and videos of a Nazi nature, as well as inflammatory materials, in their chat group. It is also reported that they denigrated the disabled, Jews, Muslims, people with dark skin.

Related to this case is a scandal that erupted about two years ago involving the distribution of threatening e-mails throughout Germany, which were addressed to public figures, media representatives and politicians, including deputies of the Hesse Landtag and the Bundestag. Under these messages appeared the signature in the form of the abbreviation “NSU 2.0”, alluding to the neo-Nazi group “National Socialist Underground” (NSU). Investigators believe that the criminal, who turned out to be a 53-year-old unemployed man, when sending messages, could use insider information received from police circles. Last year, the police special forces in Frankfurt were even disbanded, partly due to right-wing extremist content in their chat rooms.

Serious accusations

In the new case, search warrants were issued, among other things, based on the results of investigations in chat groups in instant messengers. As a result, among other things, several mobile phones were seized, authorities said. According to the released information, one police officer is currently under investigation on suspicion of using symbols of anti-constitutional organizations. Three more officers are charged with obstruction of justice in the line of duty, and one officer is suspected of violating official secrecy.

According to the new police chief of Frankfurt am Main, Stefan Müller (Stefan Müller), in this situation it is “a slap in the face to all police officers who exemplary and impeccable perform their duties every day.”

Investigation about extremist activity officers of the Frankfurt am Main police continues.

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