Screams, blood and suffering: The audience saw the final part of the series “Harry and Megan”

The audience demanded only one thing - the details of the scandals happening within the walls of Buckingham Palace

The audience demanded only one thing – the details of the scandals happening within the walls of Buckingham Palace

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Documentary series directors always have a choice – to evenly distribute the most significant elements of filming throughout the series, or leave all the most scandalous for the end.

Netflix, which had promised its viewers a whole bunch of revelations from Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle for more than a year, chose the second option, and the first part of “Harry and Meghan”, which has already collected a record number of views, turned out to be, by all accounts, “a recording of an interview with two sad people against the backdrop of beautiful interiors. Although, for the truth, there was still some exclusive in it: even if not the most important Windsors, for the first time they showed a home video, letting operators with cameras not only into their homes, but also into their daily lives, and everyone could see a real prince catching the most ordinary taxi, or his wife, the duchess, after a shower, with a towel on her head.

Everyone understood that it is unlikely that Netflix spent a lot of time and money to get similar assessments of their work after the premiere of the remaining episodes. Moreover, Harry and Megan themselves, announcing the documentary series, assured that they intended to tell a lot of things from the screen about the history of their relationship and the reasons for their decision to break with the British royal family. But so much has already been written and filmed about the transformation of a second-rate actress into the wife of one of the most enviable suitors on the planet that the audience demanded only one thing – the details of the scandals happening within the walls of Buckingham Palace. And in the second part of “Harry and Megan” there were many such stories.

Selling Palace

The couple insists that from the very beginning of their love story, not only employees of the royal chambers, but also members of the royal family actively “leaked” various kinds of information about Harry and Megan to the British tabloids, seasoning with a fair amount of fantasy and already scandalous facts. The Dukes of Sussex are sure that this was done for one reason: the popularity of Meghan Markle overshadowed the glory of all other members of the royal family to such an extent that they decided to regain attention in a somewhat unusual way – spreading negative information about Meghan.

Help yourself

Developing a theme raised in a scandalous interview the couple gave Oprah Winfrey last year, in the second part of “Harry and Meghan” the Sussexes decided to increase a drop of tragedy to the size of a sea of ​​blood. And with detailed details, she outlined Megan’s suicidal thoughts, allegedly haunting her almost all the time while she lived in London. The dukes blamed the same press for pushing her to suicide, as well as palace employees, “who completely controlled Markle’s life and denied her the opportunity to seek professional psychological help.”

Screaming brother

The late Queen Elizabeth II and this time the couple did not touch. But the current Prince of Wales, Harry’s older brother, William, got the most. Not caring too much about appearances, Harry told the camera that, upon learning of his desire to retire from his duties as a member of the royal family, William “screamed and screamed”, and his father, now King Charles III, “said things that he would never was true.” But it was still impossible to do without the queen: Harry specifically noted that the grandmother who was present at this conversation “sat quietly and seemed to agree with everything that was said.”

blood loss

Making a living selling the most intimate stories of their lives, the Dukes of Sussex have already said that one of Meghan Markle’s pregnancies ended in a miscarriage. In the series, they decided to develop this topic even more actively, trying to find those responsible for what happened. And they blamed the same press for the loss of their child: they say that it was the newspapers that published Markle’s personal correspondence with his father, and this, according to the couple, provoked the miscarriage.

* * *

So, the premiere of “Harry and Megan” went off with a bang. The Sussexes received, according to various sources, about $ 100 million for participating in the series, and the audience received a new portion of scandals and gossip from the life of members of the British royal family.

Having received answers to some questions, viewers, biographers and critics stock up on new ones. By accusing your older brother and his wife of being too intrusive about your privacy while sharing her secrets from the screen, don’t you, Harry, give reasons for similar reasons in your address? Blaming the press for all your problems, why do you, Megan and Harry, constantly mention only two or three tabloid tabloids, was the opinion of the “yellow” press really so important to you? Washing the bones of your grandmother, parents, brothers and sisters, you are staunchly silent about relationships with other members of the royal family, why?

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