School supplies that schools cannot require

Find out what are the school supplies that educational institutions cannot require by law.  colpress
Find out what are the school supplies that educational institutions cannot require by law. colpress

A few weeks after the start of the school day in Colombiaparents are already preparing for the return to lessons of their children acquiring the School SuppliesFor this reason, we remember which are the materials that educational institutions cannot require, in accordance with the Law.

through the Resolution 20310 of 2022the Ministry of Education established what school supplies are that basic education institutions may or may not request family parents either student guardians.

According to the Law, the educational institutions of the country cannot engage in restrictive practices, that is, they have forbidden require vendors or specific brands of school items. In addition, they cannot “establish mechanisms that in any way prevent the concurrence of multiple providers in the provision of these materials.”

The resolution also makes it clear that the toilet materials What toilet papersupplies for first-aid kit, disinfectants, among others, cannot appear on the list of school supplies either, since they must be collect within the tuition values Y pension.

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Regarding the uniforms of students, the law also clarified that they can only demand one for daily use and another for the physical education activitiesrecreation and sport.

Therefore, the Ministry of Education stressed that not wearing uniforms “due to economic conditions, it will not be causal to deny the quota or the attendance of the student at the educational establishment”.

Finally, the portfolio recalled that basic education institutions have It is forbidden to demand from parents all school supplies at the beginning of the year.. In this sense, the Ministry specified that the materials may be requested as they are required for the development of school activities.

In the event that you find any irregularity in the list of your school supplies, the procedure to follow will be to immediately contact the educational institution to clarify your doubts or claims. In the event that you do not receive a response, you can file the respective complaint before the Ministry of Education, the mayoralties and the secretariats of Education.

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According to the norm, institutions that fail to comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Education would face sanctions from the 50 to 200 salaries current monthly minimums. In the event that an educational institution repeats such practices, it could be closed.

School supplies purchase season in Colombia for the first semester of 2023.
School supplies purchase season in Colombia for the first semester of 2023.

The National Federation of Merchants (Fenalco) of Antioquia warned in recent days that, due to the high inflationthe price of the School Supplies It has been increased in up to about a 500%.

And it is that, according to the director of Fenalco Antioquia, Maria Jose Bernalthe price of notebooks has increased by a 472% Over the previous year. He said so before the Blu Radio microphones where he also assured that the cardboard have had an increase of 319%; the folders of a 245%; the colors in a 104% and the markers in a 102%.

“The notebooks that are the element with the greatest weight in that basket of school supplies, on average, are increasing their prices by 472%,” said Bernal.

Given these figures, the executive president of Intergremial, Nicolás Posada, called on the national government to “implement the necessary strategies and actions to control this alarming inflation figure, since the policies and projects that the government will develop will not have the expected result.” ”.

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