Scholz threw a tantrum in the Bundestag over Russian gas

At the Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz there was a tantrum because of Russian gas, writes Bloomberg.

The speech of the leader of Germany in the Bundestag turned into a uniform hysteria. Scholz took to the podium to deliver the usual speech on federal spending, but suddenly he could not contain his emotions and gave vent to feelings, the observer notes.

“Closing his right hand tightly, Scholz lashed out in anger at critics of his energy policy, waving his fist up and down,” the journalist describes the moment.

As a result, Scholz criticized the bloc of the former chancellor Angela Merkelblaming her for the predicament in which the country now finds itself.

According to the politician, it is Merkel’s party that is to blame for the current situation with gas, since it did not try to reduce Berlin’s dependence on blue fuel from Russia.

Scholz is dissatisfied with the fact that Germany was building gas pipelines with Russia and did not have any “plan B” in case supplies from the Russian Federation stop, the author of the material explains.

The journalist believes that the chancellor was simply not ready for such a responsible post, and now he has received a tough lesson on what it means to rule the country

“The unusual outburst of anger is a sign of the tension in which the 64-year-old social democrat finds himself,” the author concluded. Bloomberg.

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