Scholz considers it right for Canada to return gas turbine for Nord Stream 1

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, commenting on the situation with the return of Gazprom by Canada at the request of Germany, bypassing the sanctions of the gas turbine for Nord Stream 1, called this the right step.

As Ukrinform reports, he said this in an interview with a Canadian publication. The Globe and Mail.

According to Scholz, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a decisive decision that “strengthened the position of Germany and Europe”: he took away from the Russian Federation a reason to explain the decrease in gas supplies by technical reasons, blaming sanctions for this.

“The decision to supply a turbine is hardly a favor to Gazprom. This is a strong sign of support for Germany and Europe, as well as solidarity among the closest allies for the long-term support of Ukraine,” the chancellor said, adding that the weakening of Germany and Europe will not help Ukraine.

Scholz assured that Western sanctions remain in place and is convinced they are working. Allies are now “targeting” additional sectors and closing loopholes to bypass restrictive measures, he said.

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As reported, at the request of Germany, Canada has decided to return a Siemens Energy AG gas turbine after maintenance for use in the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 1. The decision was made despite the objection of the Ukrainian government. Canadian Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said the temporary export permit was issued after lengthy discussions with European allies as well as the International Energy Agency.

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