Scandal with the star of “Matchmakers” Tatyana Kravchenko: “This is a monstrous lie and setup”

Star "matchmakers" Tatyana Kravchenko sues Sadalsky for libel

Star of “Matchmakers” Tatyana Kravchenko sues Sadalsky for libel

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It all started last year when Stanislav Sadalsky in the Youtube show “Empathy Manuchi” imprudently said: the actress Alexander Zakharov “kicked out” from “Lenkom” – the theater, which was directed by her father for more than 40 years, director Mark Zakharov. World fame came to Lenkom precisely under Zakharov and thanks to him. And suddenly the director Mark Warsawer dismisses the daughter of the one whose name the theater bears. “He settles scores with her. All of Moscow is talking about it, ”Sadalsky reports, referring to his colleague, Lenkom actress Tatyana Kravchenko, saying that she brought this gossip.

All this reaches Varshaver and Tatyana Kravchenko. The first one did not fire Alexandra Zakharova from the theater. The second one didn’t tell anything similar to Sadalsky. But Varshaver, of course, asked Tatyana Kravchenko: what was it all about? She: nothing, only Sadalsky’s sick fantasies.

Mark Warsawer is going to sue Sadalsky for libel. Tatyana Kravchenko, Sadalsky’s partner in a private performance, refuses to go on stage with him, because he is talking “offensive, unsubstantiated nonsense.” And she is mad at him.

A week ago, Kravchenko did not come to the performance in St. Petersburg, where she was supposed to play with Sadalsky. He, instead of remaining silent, wrote in his microblog: “Tatyana Eduardovna explained why she did not come to the performance. It turns out that she could not go on stage “because of a personal dislike for the artist.”

“Tatyana Eduardovna is trying to pretend that she is 3 years old, not 70. That you can just pout your lips, sit on the potty and not get up from it until afternoon tea. And then completely disappear for a day, like “we locked Masha in a closet, and the key is lost.” Maybe the poor viewer will buy into this nonsense. He has already suffered because of the previous version, that Tatyana Eduardovna had an accident on the way to the airport and the driver died. Alas, to make a unilateral decision “not to go on stage with artist Sadalsky “the Queen cannot yet. There are contractual obligations for the violation of which one is liable. There are organizers of the St. , to whom she is now “immensely grateful for the support”. She can powder her brains with them as much as she wants. And in our environment everyone understands perfectly well what happened. Further. What does Mark Zakharov have to do with it? I have always loved and will love him Oh and his family. It was only about Warsawer. Great talking name. The same as his face,” Sadalsky said.

We asked Tatyana Eduardovna what kind of “positional war” they are having with Sadalsky?

– What Sadalsky said about our theater is a monstrous lie. What he says about me is vile and insulting nonsense (Sadalsky hinted at the alcohol addiction of the people’s artist – Ed.). I will no longer go on stage with them, – Tatyana Kravchenko says implacably. – The same insulting lie concerns the director of Lenkom, Mark Borisovich Varshaver, whom I respect and have known for many years. I couldn’t tell about the dismissal of Sasha Zakharova, because no one fired her. She works. It is also not true that the performance was disrupted through my fault. There was no breakdown. Another actress was brought in instead of me. I’m suing Sadalsky for libel. What he said is a monstrous lie and setup.

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