SBU detained an assistant to a deputy who wanted to become a Gauleiter in the Cherkasy region after the occupation of Russia

This was reported by the press center of the SBU.

According to UPwe are talking about the assistant to the people’s deputy from the former “Opposition Platform – For Life” Vasily Nimchenko – Alexander Zamirailo.

“Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine detained a deputy of the Cherkasy city council, who headed the Opposition Platform – For Life faction before the ban of this party, and worked as an assistant to the current people’s deputy. The man not only justified the Russian aggression against our state, but also planned to head the occupation administration in the Cherkasy region if the enemy managed to capture the region,” the report says.

After the full-scale invasion of Russia, he did not leave the Opposition Platform for Life, but actively attracted new like-minded people to the political force. With one of the henchmen, they carried out information and subversive activities in favor of Russia.


In particular, among their own entourage, they argued that the war unleashed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine is an exclusively internal civil conflict; denied Russian airstrikes on civilian cities, including Cherkassy; denied the commission of cruel crimes by the military of the Russian Federation, spread fakes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were involved in them; resented the exchange of Ukrainian prisoners of war, in particular the Azov special squad.

Also, the defendants considered it inappropriate to resist the aggressor, waited for the capture of the city and condemned the activities of the military-political leadership of Ukraine.

“However, when the attacker realized that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were successfully counteracting the Russian army and liberating the occupied territories, he tried to hide abroad. The henchmen planned to immigrate to the United States, but the special forces of the Security Service detained the deputy on the eve of his departure abroad in accordance with Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine,” the statement says.

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