Saxony called on Berlin to accept the “bitter truth” about gas from Russia

In the next five years, Germany cannot refuse to supply Russian gassaid the Prime Minister of the federal state of Saxony Michael Kretschmer. According to him, Berlin should have already recognized the “bitter truth.”

As Kretschmer emphasized, Berlin needs time to switch to green energy and fully launch a nuclear power plant.

“If we understand that we cannot do without Russian gas for the time being, then this is a bitter truth, and we must accept it. In the coming years, we will still need Russian gas, we must use existing nuclear power plants and phase out coal” , – quotes the policy Zeit.

As the Saxon prime minister stressed, the German economy is on the verge of “collapse” due to a sharp increase in the cost of blue fuel in the country. So much so that the government is proposing to deploy heating points in winter for the Germans, who will begin to freeze in their own homes.

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