Save up to 72%: how much does it cost to collect a first grader to school if you buy things from your hands

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It seems that companies producing knapsacks and pencil cases have not left Russia yet. And thanks for that! Now parents of children who will go to first grade for the first time in almost a month are actively buying school supplies. And many choose second-hand things: the time in the yard is not easy, and if there is a chance to buy something cheaper on classifieds sites, you should use it. So, on Avito in July, sales of school goods from the hands increased by 41% compared to last year.

– Most often this year, users on Avito bought pencil cases, as well as a shift for girls and boys, – clarifies Alexey Kozlovsky, head of the Lifestyle category at Avito.

According to Avito, at the expense of things from ad sites, you can fully “equip” a boy in the first class for an average of 7,320 rubles, a girl – for 6,840 rubles. But this is without gadgets. If you buy a phone and a laptop for a future first-grader, the boy’s parents will meet 53,420 rubles, the girls – 52,940 rubles.

At the same time, analysts calculated how much parents of future first-graders can save by buying things from their hands. According to experts, it will be 63% cheaper to get a boy to school using goods from an ad site than if you buy things in stores. For parents of girls, the savings will be 72%.


Goods for first-graders Sales growth in July-2022 compared to July-2021 Average price from the hands

School uniform for a boy +86% 1 315

School uniform for girls +84% 1 160

Sports uniform for a boy +120% 1 115

Sportswear for girls +100% 950

Replaceable shoes for a boy +125% 1 080

Interchangeable shoes for girls +126% 920

Backpack + 84% 1 500

Pencil case + 190% 1 195

Mobile phone + 36% 21 330

Laptop + 29% 24,775

According to Avito.

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