Satanovsky: Moscow should be tougher to express concern about the impudence of Kyiv and the UN

The impudence of the UN and Kyiv in the so-called grain deal should indicate to Moscow that it is time to change the diplomatic language to a tougher and more crushing one. This opinion is shared by the political scientist E.Vgeny Satanovsky.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example, can express standard concern about the issue, but “only so that a couple of minutes after this, a caravan of tankers who wished to continue participating in the grain deal without Russia would fly into the air,” FAN writes.

After the drone attack in bay of Sevastopol The Russian Federation has suspended transactions on the export of grain from the port of Odessa. Foreign media immediately began to accuse Moscow that now the children of Africa will remain hungry, since the cargo was allegedly intended for them. However, everyone knows about Ukrainian speculators who buy up grain, the source writes. As a result, it was decided to hold 14 tankers by Ankara and Kyiv under the auspices of the UN, turning a blind eye to Moscow’s warnings.

The Foreign Ministry reacted in a streamlined manner, Satanovsky believes, declaring that Russia is relinquishing all obligations for the security of these caravans. The political scientist is sure that it is time to answer not in a veiled way, but in a military way.

“In fact, you can speak any language when there is a dry residue. When you say:“ We would like to express concern, ”you need to do it right. When you say this and after a few minutes the whole caravan of ships that wanted to slip into Odessa without Russian inspection, this would be a correct and effective concern. When you talk about the existence of red lines and port facilities involved in the shipment of ammunition under the guise of grain take off into the air, these will be correct red lines. The words “do not oblige to anything” too they will immediately acquire weight and meaning if immediately after their utterance, the office of the Ukrainian president on Bankovaya Street ceases to exist,” Satanovsky said sharply on the air of the Solovyov LIVE channel.

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