Satan with his liberal values ​​will not run the show in Russia: Putin banned

In his circulation September 30 President of Russia Vladimir Putin called Western liberal values ​​”outright Satanism.” And, perhaps, did not exaggerate.

While maintaining Chekist restraint and being extremely correct in his choice of words, Vladimir Putin, nevertheless, is less and less respectful of politeness and more and more often calls a spade a spade, causing non-illusory irritation among fans of non-traditional forms of interpersonal and international relations. For example, when in February of this year he named the Kyiv regime, which came to power as a result of a coup, “gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis“. Or now, when he spoke about the so-called Western liberal values, calling them “perversions that lead to degradation and extinction.”

“Such a complete denial of man, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, the suppression of freedom acquires the features of a “reverse religion” – outright Satanism,” the Russian president stressed.

Equality from the evil one

The fact that the West has triumphed frank liberal Satanismhas been said for a long time. But here are some more recent examples:

  • The government of the US state of California passed a law according to which minor children will be able to change sex without the consent of their parents, without their knowledge and even against their will. In addition, doctors were prohibited from sharing medical information related to the gender identity of their children with parents. And those mothers and fathers who oppose the decision of their child to change their sex will be deprived of parental rights.

The law was initiated by a local senator Scott Viner. This “legislator” believes that California should become a “sanctuary” in which children from states where this is prohibited can undergo hormone therapy and undergo sex reassignment surgery. And the governor of California Gavin Newsomwithout thinking twice, signed the document “in the name of equality and recognition.”

  • At the end of September, a hurricane scandal erupted in Spain after the Minister for Equality Irene Monterospeaking in the lower house of parliament, said that children “have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with anyone they want on the basis of consent.”

Leading Spanish politicians were outraged by such a frivolous understanding of equality. They called the words of Irene Montero unacceptable and demanded her immediate resignation.

“There is an urgent need for this lady to resign or be fired. And close this totalitarian ministry when you leave. Get your dirty hands off the kids!” – the leader of the Vox party spoke sharply to her Santiago Abascal.

In addition, Irene Montero is known for her lobbying for the adoption of the law “On the real and effective equality of transgender people and on the rights of LGBTI”. If this bill is passed, children from the age of 12 will be allowed to undergo hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery without a medical diagnosis.

  • next year, LGBT kindergartens will open in Berlin. In these institutions, children (preschool age!) will be taught “what it means to be gay or lesbian.” It is known that more than 60 applications have already been submitted, and applications are accepted not only from representatives of the LGBT community.

“For example, there are ten children’s books – and only three in which the prince marries the princess,” the organizing company proudly outlines its concept.

A clarification also appeared in the German press that the board of directors includes a certain Rüdiger Lautmannwho has previously shown himself as a defender of pedophiles.

“It would probably be strange if people who are normal about sex with children become teachers, because this is called pedophilia? Why are such people allowed by the German Ministry of Education to open a kindergarten?” ask the German journalists.

Pravda.Ru asked experts whether adults in the West are really so concerned about the rights and freedoms of children? How will such a “gender-diverse” upbringing affect the child’s psyche? And what are the prospects for such a society?

Psychologist’s opinion: “It’s not about freedom”

“This is absolutely not about freedom, but about violations of the boundaries of what is permitted in children. This is not age-appropriate for children, which means it is harmful,” says a child psychologist, child neuropsychologist, family psychotherapist Natalia Naumova.

After all, it is not just accepted that it is recommended to enter into any kind of intimate relationship, start a family only after the 18th birthday, and not before. Until this age, it is considered that the minor is psychologically unprepared. The child takes everything literally. He is interested in trying himself in different variations. And he opens up topics that are too early for him, not for his age. The child begins to think ahead of time, while not having enough life experience, and a mistake is inevitable, the specialist noted.

“We see how the children of European and American stars, who declared that they wanted to change sex, drank hormones and prepared, after a while they matured and realized that they no longer wanted to. And the body had already suffered enormous damage,” the psychologist gave an example.

According to Natalia Naumova, as a result of such trauma, young people will need a long rehabilitation to recover. At the same time, the trend leads to the fact that such people will not have offspring and a full-fledged family. Relationships in a childless couple can be unstable, leading to more single people.

“People will be more on their own, more closed, autonomous, and, accordingly, there will definitely be a serious population decline,” the expert summed up.

Priest’s opinion: “A grave sin”

A priest of the Church of the Annunciation and the Secretary of the Bioethics Council under the Moscow Patriarchate also responded to our request. Maxim Obukhov.

“According to traditions, according to the teachings of the Orthodox Church and according to the biblical approach, this is a serious sin. But they have already come up with something that they could not even guess in biblical times – to force parents to raise their children in the appropriate spirit. And parents often have no alternative: one has only to express what “If you disagree, you can get a fine or a lawsuit. This state of affairs does not suit many, but because of repression, people are afraid to protest directly,” the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church said.

Maxim Obukhov also noted that in Russia the opinion of the church is listened to. In particular, it was the ROC who advocated fixing in the Constitution the provision that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, in order to avoid discrepancies.

Summarizing the opinions of experts, I would like to add on my own: permissiveness in the upbringing of children and in relation to society is unacceptable, not only because it is considered a grave sin, but primarily because it is destructive for the one to whom everything is permitted – morally, spiritually and physically. And our president, calling this “liberal value” a perversion leading to degradation and extinction, is absolutely right. For Russia, this is unacceptable. And Satan will not rule the ball here.

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