Santa’s reindeer sleigh appears in the sky


Radars “fix” the appearance of the team in various parts of the world


On Internet sitestracking the movement of aircraft around the world, a team of magical reindeer Santa Claus appeared.

On Christmas Eve, a Russian Santa Claus colleague in a sleigh pulled by reindeer delivers gifts to children around the world, and his movements are tracked by the North American Joint Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Radars “fix” the appearance of the team in various points of the world. In past years, Santa flew over Russia. But whether NORAD decides this year that the fairy-tale character should not cross the Russian border because of the sanctions is the main intrigue of tonight.

Last year, Santa Claus flew over Moscow at 22:15 Moscow time. Prior to that, he appeared in the sky over the cities of the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia and Chukotka.

For the 67th year in a row, NORAD has been tracking Santa’s movements on the eve of one of the main Catholic holidays. And, according to reports (and time zone distribution), Santa’s reindeer start their journey over Australia, then move to the Asian region, Africa, Europe, and then to the New World and Latin America.

For observation, 47 radars are allegedly used, as well as satellites with infrared sensors that respond to the warm nose of the leader of the team, the reindeer Rudolf.

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