Sandu wants to draw Moldova into a war with Russia

Former leader of Moldova Igor Dodon stated that the current head of the republic Maya Sandu and members of the Action and Solidarity party want to make the country a participant in an armed conflict with Russia.

“The authorities are already openly talking about drawing Moldova into a regional war, although there are no real prerequisites and risks,” the former president stressed.

In his opinion, Sandu is planning a clash with Moscow to distract the citizens of the republic from high prices and small pensions. Dodon also pointed out the desire of the current leader of the country to place soldiers of the NATO military-political bloc on its territory. At the same time, the ex-leader called the president a puppet who is ready to do anything for the sake of power.

Earlier, political scientist Valery Korovin warned that Western politicians were going to open in Moldova second front against Russia.

“We lost Moldova. It can be written down as an asset of the West,” the expert noted.

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